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Compliance Services.


AML/CTF Compliance

Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Terrorism Financing.

Scout consultants ensure businesses of all sizes and industries comply with their obligations under Australia's AML/CTF laws, regulated by AUSTRAC. Our services span various industries, including financial services, remittance providers, and non-profits. Our AML/CTF expertise covers the entire program lifecycle, from initial development to ongoing compliance tasks like due diligence, reporting, and training. Our support is clear, concise, and results-focused, providing work products that empower your business to comply with confidence.

  • AML/CTF program development.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Independent reviews.

  • Regulatory reporting.

  • Policy and procedure development.

  • Enhanced due diligence.

  • Training and awareness.

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Sanctions Compliance.

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Our sanctions compliance services enable clients to navigate and adhere to complex sanctions regimes, ensuring complete compliance with Australia's sanctions laws and relevant international laws and regulations. As sanctions continually evolve and become more intricate, businesses must also manage the diverse obligations of their global partners. Despite the complexity, we simplify and clarify the process, empowering each business to comply confidently.

  • Sanctions program development.

  • Independent reviews / risk assessments.

  • Permit applications.

  • Policy and procedure development.

  • Training and awareness.

  • Consultation and advisory.


Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination Compliance.

Our Scouts empower clients to foster inclusive workplaces free from bullying, harassment, and discrimination. Our approach emphasises the inherent value of all individuals in the workplace, regardless of background, location, appearance, thoughts, or beliefs. Through actionable solutions, clear strategies, and open, candid conversations, we institutionalise these principles, to help our clients create and maintain a respectful and supportive work environment.

  • Independent program review.

  • Risk identification practices.

  • Complaint handling preparation.

  • Policy and procedure development.

  • Training and awareness.

  • Consultation and advisory.

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