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Investigation Services.

Direct. Agile. Results Driven. 

That's how our Scouts approach every investigation.


Private Investigations

Intricate conflicts arise in the ordinary course of business. Our Scout investigators investigate and advise on issues relating to employee misconduct, bullying and harassment, insider trading, information leaks, theft, embezzlement, money laundering, fraud and other forms of corporate corruption. Scout investigators are discreet, direct, and time sensitive, to ensure minimal business disruption and reputational damage. Our Workplace Investigation process includes;


Workplace Investigations

Scout investigators are trained to equip clients with information that empowers them to make informed life and business decisions. Our Private Investigations program is multifaceted. We combine publicly available (yet hard to find) information, with physical surveillance and/or strategically gathered human intelligence to ensure our clients have comprehensive insight into the employees they hire, the people they associate with and the industry competitors they want to get ahead of.

  • Interviewing.

  • Legal statement and report preparation.

  • Policy and procedure review.

  • Identification of legal / compliance breaches.

  • Findings and recommendations.

  • Prevention and training.

  • Risk assessments.

  • Interviewing.

  • Legal statement and report preparation.

  • Location of people and assets.

  • Evidence collection.

  • Surveillance.

  • Process serving.

  • Competitive intelligence.

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